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Thank you to Moffat County Women Melody Villard for designing our website, and Melanie Kilpatrick for graphic design on our logo.  Thank you ladies for making an impact!

2019 Grant Winners

We are proud to announce two winners for our very first grant. Congratulations to the Northwest Colorado Arts Council and Maybell Rodeo Club

Maybell Rodeo Club: 2019 Award Winner $3,464.00

About the Organization: The main focus of the Maybell Rodeo Club is to give the young and aspiring rodeo athletes of Moffat County a safe and fun place to ride and improve their skills. Maybell families have been putting on rodeos and competing in Maybell for generations. They have made countless memories and friendships that last a lifetime. Over the years, there became a bit of a lull in young kids to compete, which led to a lull in local events. Now that a new generation of kids is getting started, we are extremely motivated and hopeful to give them those same opportunities.  Even though the kids are our main focus, we are going to provide opportunities for all ages to get in on the action. It will also provide so many fun events for the people of the community to go and watch and support. It's time to put Moffat County back on the rodeo map!

About the Project: The fairgrounds at Maybell It has been neglected for quite some time, but it was a main attraction for generations and brought people from near and far to all of its events. While we have several events planned throughout the year, our goal is to host a kick-off event during the horse drive in May. The event would host a ranch bronc riding and a variety of food choices. The town will already be packed with spectators so it is sure to draw a crowd. In order to reach our goal, we will need to complete several tasks before the arena can be operable. 

Grant funding awared for, but not limited to:

PA System 
Arena Lights
Supplies for building repair
Arena Groomer 

Congratulations to the Maybell Rodeo Club!


Northwest Colorado Arts Council: 2019 Award Winner $1,136.00

About the Organization: The mission of the Northwest Colorado Arts Council is to provide pathways for the arts and humanities to be a vital resource in Moffat County that results in sustaining educational, economic and creative opportunities.

The Council is just over a year old as an organization and our first year has been spent composing the foundational elements necessary to start building an arts and culture focused community--- networking rural artists, educating artists, educating the community, successfully collaborating with other local entities, demonstrating what a thriving arts scene could look like for Moffat County, showing our community that art has value and economic benefits. We've spent a year 'connecting dots', building relationships, establishing resources--- all in an effort to ensure that we have the appropriate partner participation and support needed for the big picture creation of greater economic impact and diversification within our community.

About the Project: Articulture is the Council's recently launched creative space in the heart of downtown Craig (525 Yampa Avenue). The Council's vision and goals for Articulture include helping revitalize and normalize art in the community by promoting an 'Art is for Everyone' concept, provide a central art hub for local artist representation, and to establish/collaborate positive community relationships--- cultivating community pride! Articulture plans to accomplish these goals by focusing on education in the form of community classes and workshops. Not only art focused classes but also 'outside the box' ideas for a broader inclusion such as professional development, date night activities, and family focused activities. The other approach to achieving our goals included community engagements--- exhibitions, visiting artists, demos/dialogues, open studio blocks, specialty events, meeting space, and base camp for the Northwest Colorado Arts Council.

Our biggest need for the space in order to provide dynamic classes and to comfortably and professionally host our community members within the space is general purpose equipment--- classroom chairs, tables, lighting, security and media presentation system. All general purpose equipment will be established as an inventory asset of the Northwest Colorado Arts Council.

Grant funding awarded for, but not limited to:

Extendable Table 
Metal bistro chairs
Floor lamp w/ spot lights 
Zmodo Security Camera System
Smart TV & HDMI cable

Congratulations to the Northwest Colorado Arts Council!

Need more ideas to improve Moffat County?  Here are some things that other communites are doing!


Beautification Projects
Beautification Projects

A visually appealing community increases property values, attracts businesses, and improves the neighborhood's image. Some research even shows that a nice-looking neighborhood promotes good behavior.  

Commercial District Revitalization
Commercial District Revitalization
Maintenance of sidewalks, paths, street furniture, plantings, public restrooms, and street lighting is essential. Trees soften the rectangular shapes of buildings, add a pleasant bit of informality and unpredictability to your landscape.
Community Events
Community Events

A community festival is a wonderful way to connect local citizens and boost your town's image. You can bring volunteers together to organize a fun day of activities for all ages, or perhaps you just want to improve a community event that we already have.  

Develop Indoor Spaces
Develop Indoor Spaces

In cooler climate communities, indoor spaces for meetings, events and children's play are esssential.  Some communities have taken empty or abandonded buildings and turned them into community meeting spaces or indoor play areas for children.  

Arts, Music & Culture Projects
Arts, Music & Culture Projects

Arts and Cultural projects play a fundamental role in reviving communities.  Arts, music and culture projects help to create community cohesion, instill civic pride and reimagine our public spaces.

Sustainability Projects
Sustainability Projects

Environmental sustainability discussions are becoming much more prevalent in local communities.  It's feasible at the community level to carry out a recycling program, build a network of community gardens, or start a solar project.

Health Promotion Projects
Health Promotion Projects

Working at the community level to promote healthy living brings the greatest health benefits to the greatest number of people.  Health promotion activities such as giving short presentations in schools, senior centers, and churches or providing “Lunch and Learn” sessions with community groups, can all help promote a healthy community. Other ideas may be to develop or repair walking or biking trails, parks or outdoor playgrounds.  

Exchange Boxes
Exchange Boxes

"John Wilson stopped in Chicago during a road trip from Boston. He was walking by Wicker Park when he noticed a 'totally anonymous and unsupervised' local drop box where you could leave or take unwanted books and DVD’s," He wondered: Would something similar work in his city, Cambridge, MA? Wilson and friends launched the Stranger Exchange, which has been a huge success. “There is this unexpected curiosity and respect for something like this,” says Wilson. “I am not sure where it comes from. Perhaps people value things made with care and honor systems built on trust?” Why not start a Stranger Exchange in your town, and see what happens?"

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